“Our before the event policies are

as flexible as you need them to be.”

– Mike Timmons | Managing Director

Why buy BTE insurance?

Before the event insurance has traditionally been purchased as an add-on to a motor, home or commercial insurance policy. We’ve been underwriting legal protection insurance since 1995 to cover the pursuit and defence of claims including uninsured loss recovery, personal injury, property protection and employment and commercial disputes.

As people become more and more aware of their legal rights, and more willing to take legal action, the need for before the event insurance has never been greater, especially for businesses.

BTE insurance cover

Our before the event policies are designed to protect your clients (both individuals and businesses) as comprehensively and cost-effectively as possible.

We offer a wide-ranging suite of legal protection insurance products including motor, family and business policies to suit every requirement. All of our policies are backed by an experienced, independent claims handling service.

Policies can be tailored to individual specific needs, meaning your clients will benefit from cover as individual as they are.

We underwrite policies on an individual or bespoke scheme basis

To create sustainable, long-term partnerships we work proactively to understand the individual needs of each of our clients, delivering an excellent personalised service.

With a Financial & Legal BTE insurance policy, your customers can be reassured that they are dealing with one of the leading names in legal protection insurance.

Insurance is about peace of mind and, with Financial & Legal, that peace of mind extends beyond our products. Choose BTE cover from us and not only can your customers be reassured that they’re dealing with one of the leading names in legal protection insurance, you can too.

BTE insurance key facts

  • UK-based legal expenses insurer regulated by both the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority
  • We underwrite policies on an individual or block arrangement