Government goes back on U-turn as they try to come to terms with whiplash reforms

Posted by Marketing on 8 December 2016

Following on from the news that the proposed changes to personal injury reform were to be shelved, the Government has gone back on their decision, instead choosing to push ahead as planned. With the consultation set to close on 6 January 2017, the biggest disappointment is that firms won’t have more time available to consult with the insurance companies to better understand how they can work together going forward.

Perhaps the biggest concern is that millions of ordinary people are likely to suffer the most from having their rights to restorative justice removed for the sake of a proposed £40 a year saving on their motor insurance premiums. Although, with the increase in insurance premium tax to 12%, any savings to the motorist will now be non-existent.

The art of compromise

While we don’t agree with much of the reforms, we are not averse to them all.

We are strongly behind the proposed ban on pre-medical offers made by insurance companies, a blanket ban on cold-calling and text messages made by unscrupulous claims management companies, and the proposed ban on claiming for injuries sustained more than two years ago.

These are all genuine attempts to clamp down on fraudulent claims and ensure honest individuals are treated fairly without removing their rights altogether. In fact, we share a lot of the same objectives with the personal injury sector and the Ministry of Justice and will continue to work hard in the hope that all voices are equally heard.

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